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What's on my registry the second time around.

Did anyone else make a baby registry for their second child? Although I am not actively sharing it, in the event someone asks for what we need or wants to throw a baby 'sprinkle', I have a list for them!

But when it comes to the second kid, we really don't need much. Our kids will be 19 months apart so we still have everything from Blair. Although, there are a few things that would be super helpful to have! So here is my super small, but useful baby registry for Brooks:

1. Baby Jogger City Select second seat and bassinet

We already have the City Select Baby Jogger but it only has one seat. With adding another kid, we want to add to our stroller. The bassinet is perfect for those first couple months and the second seat for when Brooks gets older.

2. Binxy Baby

Thinking about purchasing one? Go to my "Discount Codes" tab on my homepage and find the Binxy Baby link to save money!

This was something that I wanted to have when Blair was young but never got. It is a hammock that you place in your shopping cart so that baby can comfortably sit in it while you shop.

3. Nested Bean Sleep Sacks

I am sure you have seen these all over Instagram and while shopping in baby stores and you probably wondered "does this actually work?". Let me tell you, they do. We bought one for Blair and it helped with her sleep so much. Although, we used it so much that it has seen better days. So I would love new ones for Brooks.

4. Nuna Pipa Carseat

For Blair, we had a hand me down carseat. And it worked great! But sadly expired this past winter so we had to recycle it. I have literally done hours of research for what carseat is best. And after burning my retnas from staring at a computer screen for way too long, I landed on the Nuna Pipa. It is pricey but I love how light it is, all the safety features and to be honest, the look.

5. ComoTomo Bottles

Look these guys up! They are super soft and so easy to clean!

I am well aware that each baby is different and may not like the same bottles you used for your first, but I have high hopes for the ComoTomo. I bought a few for Blair from a consignment shop and she loved them! They were so easy for Blair to hold too which helped build independence.

6. Diapers

Need I say more? Please send all of the diapers to my address please!

7. Snuggle Me

I actually recently bought the bare lounger when it was on sale. I plan on just using a swaddle as the cover to save money!

With Blair, I thought this was something that wasn't necessary but so many of my mom friends told me that it truly is a miracle pillow! With having two under two, I would love a safe place to lay Brooks while I care for Blair.

8. Wildbird ring sling

I have multiple carriers but this is one I have been wanting to try and use! I have been tempted to buy some second hand but never pulled the plug on. We have our Solly Wrap and I love that. But I am always down to try something new.

9. Solly Baby Dolly Wrap

Solly Baby sent us a package and gifted us a wrap. Blair loves carrying her "baby" around!

This one seems funny but I want Blair to get something fun too. She is already such a little mama to all of her dolls and always copies what I do. I plan on wearing Brooks a lot, so she will want to wear her dolls too!

10. Kiinde Breast Milk Bags

I plan on breastfeeding Brooks. And with breastfeeding, I will have to pump and store milk for date nights, going out of town, etc., so I will need storage bags! These can get costly, so I would love to get gifted a few. I recently found the Kinde system and pumping into bags?! Yes. Please.

11. Ryan & Rose Pacifiers

I have a few from when Blair was born. And we still get so many compliments!

These are all over Instagram lately. And I love them! I found this company when Blair was a few months old. It is run by a Christian couple and they pray over every product. They made a unique pacifier and teether called the Cutie Pat and it is the best! We own a few of these already but they are in girly colors, so I would love a few neutral colors.

Well friends, there is the list of things that are on my registry! Of course, I could always add to it but these are things that I would really love and use!

As far as what registry website we are using, we are using BabyList! I love how you can add products from multiple websites and have it all be in one location. I used it when I was pregnant with Blair and thats what I am using again. Click this link to see what it looks like.

If you had a registry for baby number two, let me know below what you had on yours in the comments below!

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