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Second baby must haves.

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

We are expecting our second child this Fall. So I asked a few friends who have multiple children what were some must haves for having a second kid.

I am well aware that a newborn really doesn't need much besides cuddles, milk and a whole lot of diapers. But with that aside, it is nice to have gadgets to help ease into parenting multiple children. So with that being said, here are the top ten things that were recommended to me!

1. Double stroller

This was the most recommended. Without a doubt, having two under two will be insane- so anything to keep them both contained safely while we are out and about is a win in my book! We already have the City Select Baby Jogger , so we plan on purchasing the bassinet, as well as the second seat kit. When we were researching strollers, we added the City Select to our baby registry knowing that we were able to add seats to it as our little family grows.

2. Baby wrap/carrier

Another popular thing to have for your second baby, which most moms called a must-have for baby #1 as well, is some type of baby carrier or wrap. Some of the favorites mentioned were the Solly Wrap, WildBird ring sling and the Tula.

3. Dock-a-tot

When compiling what items you are considering purchasing for the second kit, you have to be careful to not let all the "stuff" take over your home. I am always looking for products that are multifunctional and will last longer than a few months- thats why we love our Dock-a-tots.

Dock-a-tot generously gifted us both their Deluxe and Grand sleepers to us when Blair was younger. Now at 14 months old, she uses her Grand every night and the best part is that it will last until she is 36 months!

The Deluxe is for 0-9 months and fits perfectly in between Brandon and I in our bed for the nights when the baby just won't sleep- which we know is inevitable.

4. Baby monitor with multiple cameras

When you have multiple littles, you are going to want to have camera monitors in each room to make sure they are safe and to see if they are actually sleeping when they should be! We currently have the Nest Camera, but are considering getting the cheaper version of it for the second kid- since we love how we can access the camera through an app on our phone. Other suggestions we got were the Motorola MPB50, and the Moony Baby.

5. Pack-n-play

If this wasn't something you received or purchased for the first kid, you're going to want it for your second. Wether you use it as a bassinet in your room, as a safe place to put your new baby in when you need to help your older child or as a "prison" for the older one, its well worth it. I found a 4moms breeze playard for a fraction of the cost at a retail shop near our home in Colorado and it would have been well worth the initial cost just by how easy it is to put together. Ours came with a bassinet insert, which is quite useful since we plan on using it as a bassinet in our bedroom for the first few weeks.

6. Diaper Changing stations

I honestly thought this was genius! A friend texted me saying what the most useful thing they did before their second child was born was make changing stations throughout their home that were packed with diapers, wipes, and snacks. It made it that much easier to keep an eye on their older child in whatever room they were in without having to step out for a few seconds to grab a diaper- which we all know the trouble our kid can get into even with being gone for such a short amount of time!

7. Binxy Baby

Now I wish they made these in my size. Binxy Baby is shopping cart hammock that comes in adorable prints. It folds up easily to store in your car and makes it easier to shop hands free in the store. We are 100% adding this to our must have list!

8. Nose Frida

The idea of this? Absolutely disgusting. But have I used this? Defiantly. Do you need this? Also defiantly.

9. Favors from your village

From meals, childcare, someone coming over to do laundry or whatever else will be needed in those first couple weeks of survival- have your village help you. Don't be afraid to ask for help! One thing I learned with the first pregnancy is there is always someone who will be more than willing to come over and snuggle your babe while you take a quick nap or two.

When it comes to meals, see if a close friend or family member can set up a Meal Train so that meal planning or even making a meal is the last thing that is on your mind.

10. Backpack Convertible diaper bag

Think of the convenience! A backpack diaper bag is even so useful with only one kid. I got the Fawn Design bag for Christmas and I will never go back. With its huge bucket pocket to hold all of my kids junk, I love how it doubles as a diaper bag, travel bag, school bag, and work bag. Like I said earlier, I am all about the functionality!

Congrats on another little one, babes! Enjoy every single second. xoxo!

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