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lily jade.

I am a bag lover. But ever since I became a mom, I am diaper bag obsessed. I can't tell you what it is about them or why diaper bags- but with my obsession comes knowledge of the best brands on the market.

When it comes to diaper bags, there are a few things I look for: function, looks, quality and space.

I love it when my diaper bag doesn't look like a diaper bag- you feel me? I want to look like a cool mom when I am walking the isles of target, with a screaming toddler in my cart.

But in all seriousness, when a bag has all of the things I am looking for, it's hard to resist it.

Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you, Lily Jade.

This is the Meggan in brandy

Truly, there is not a better investment in a handbag other than getting a Lily Jade. I know you may be hesitant seeing the cost but the price alone is worth the quality.

Sorry to all my animal and vegan lovers out there but I have always wanted a nice quality, premium leather bag. And now I have one thanks to Lily Jade.

No two bags are the same because Lily Jade uses a tumbled full grain leather. This is different than the artificial patterns stamped on most high end handbags that mass produce clones. That was something I never knew! I have a faux leather diaper bag and you can immediately tell the difference.

Now lets getting talking about the details inside and outside the bag. Here is where the bag shines even more!

The inside is a gorgeous turquoise color that compliments the leather so well! It is plush and smooth- unlike other nylon liners that are rough.

Without the bag organizer inside. But look at that color!

With bag organizer inside

Each bag comes with a bag organizer that helps keep your life, well, organized. With 12 pockets and machine washable- you'll be sure to kill it in the mom department.

This is one of my favorite parts. It's easy to put in and take out and I love how it comes with a matching changing pad. I am able to store my daughters snacks, diapers, toys and all the misc. that for some reason need to come with us.

Look at the details y'all! The signature tassels are double sided leather instead of having one raw unfinished side. Those pretty beads are Aventurine stone. Those jade like stones (see what they did there?) is individually crafted and selected specifically for their tassels. Even their interior pockets are trimmed in the same fine leather as the shell of the bag. No skimping here. Have I won you over yet?

No? Well just look at the stitching details and those outer pockets. I got the Meggan in brandy with gold hardware. I love how easy it is to access all the pockets. They fit my wallet and phone perfectly. No more digging around in my bag for those guys!

These bags are built to last. They tuck in the leather on the handles, straps and pocket edges so that you don't have edge paint that will wear and crack over time. They reinforce stitching at critical points to each of their bags to last through all the baby years, office trips, girls nights out and beyond.

This bag looks huge but I love it! There are three different ways to wear the bag. Backpack straps, shoulder and messenger. So much variety!

So if you are a mom to be, mom already, a woman that likes bag, a guy on the hunt for the perfect gift for his lady- look no further! Lily Jade has a variety of styles, sizes and colors to fit every persons preference.

This bag is my favorite and I can't wait to get so much use out of it over the years to come!

Check out the bags now and order one! Or send the link to someone to drop a hint.

Have a Lily Jade and love it? Tell me about it in the comments below!

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