• Madeline DeLage


Since Blair a couple months old, she struggled with an aggressive form of eczema on her legs and back. It seemed like every ointment, lotion or body wash wasn't doing the trick.

As she started to get older, it got even worse. She would have rough, red patches all over legs. They would itch and get irritated- which was so frustrating to me! I just wanted my poor daughter to have healthy skin.

My friend suggested to cut out cows milk from our daughters diet. At first I was hesitant because Blair loves her whole milk but at the end of the day, I was willing to try anything to help her.

Once we took away her milk, I was searching for the best cow milk substitute for her.

Thats when I found Kabrita Goat's milk.

It is proudly crafted in Holland with non-GMO ingredients, and is naturally easier to digest than cow milk, mild in taste, and rich in critical nutrients.

I ordered the trial size, which is 14 ounces and it was free! All I had to pay was shipping- which was amazing for this mom who is on a tight budget.

The formula arrived quickly and packaged safely in bubble wrap so that the can wouldn't be damaged.

That night I made Blair a cup of that milk. It was super simple to do! All I had to do was take four scoops of the formula and mix it with four ounces of water. Easy as can be!

She took it with no issues at all! And then after a couple days of drinking the Goat milk, her eczema started to be less severe and the patches started disappearing. Yay!

I love how much she loves it and how it is gentle on her tiny tummy. Goat milk proteins are gentler on tummies and are broken down faster than cows milk protein.

If your child struggles with gas, diarrhea, constipation, eczema, chronic chest congestion, recurrent ear problems, reflux or chronic nasal congestion- it may be symptoms that are associated with cows milk and it may be time to try switching to goats milk!

We are Kabrita fans for life and know you will love it as well.

Want to order your free trial today? Click this link here!

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