• Madeline DeLage

How the Mom's on Call Method saved our lives.

When our daughter Blair was born, the first couple of nights were exhausting. I was getting up every hour to feed her or change her diaper. Blair couldn't fall asleep on her own. She refused to take a pacifier and needed to be bounced on a yoga ball to be able to get some rest. Let's just say, our quads were quite strong.

When the couple of nights turned to weeks, and then to months of getting no sleep- I was desperate to find help that would get her to sleep through the night.

I had numerous friends recommend looking up a women who is a popular sleep consultant on Instagram and to purchase her courses. I spent the outrageous amount of money and guess what? The method did not work. And all that money I spent? Down the drain. Did I get to keep the course? Nope. After three months, it disappears.

At this point I am frustrated and still exhausted. Our daughter was nine months old and waking every couple of hours.

I had done some more research on other sleep training and sleep method ideas and came across the Mom's on Call Method. It is a baby care guide, but it is also a sleep training method. It gives age-appropriate routines and guidelines to help your baby work towards sleeping through the night. It focuses on forming a solid routine during the day and a very consistent bedtime routine.

So in the middle of the night, I purchased their e-book and it got sent directly to my phone. It cost me less than $10 and it was incredibly easy to read. Throughout the entire book, there was scripture to encourage me. That was a huge win for me.

The next morning, I implemented the schedule the book recommended for Blair's age into her day. The naps on the first day were rough and bedtime took a while for her to fall asleep.

But that night, she woke up only once. Brandon and I finally got blissful sleep.

By the next day, Blair was already use to the schedule and slept through the entire night without waking once.

That is why I say this book has saved our lives. Blair is now an amazing sleeper and thrives on her schedule. The Mom's on Call method has three books for 0-6 months, 6-15 months and then their toddler book. We are about to purchase the toddler book- I can't believe we have a toddler!

If you are in the boat we were in and the idea of your child sleeping for 12 hours straight sounds like a dream, go ahead and purchase the book. And be welcomed into the 'rested parents' club.

Sweet dreams, mom & dad.

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