• Madeline DeLage

Dekor & Love to Dream

When I was pregnant with Blair, I was overwhelmed at the multiple options for each baby product. It took me months to choose a stroller, carseat, crib- basically everything.

There were a few items that I skimped on. And quickly regretted it.

I purchased a cheap diaper pail that cracked within a few weeks. Quite frustrating for a new mom, right?

Additionally, I spent so much money on dozens of swaddles- and then quickly realized that:

1- Although they are cute, my kid does not stay wrapped in them

2- With the point of number one, I would hardly sleep because I was worried that Blair would suffocate.

So with Brooks, I now am choosing quality!

This is now where I introduce two of my favorite products:

The Dekor diaper pail and the love to dream swaddle.

I was given the stat that you will change your child's diaper anywhere from 6,000 to 9,000 times before your child is potty trained. Now you know why I am looking for quality right?

The Dekor diaper pail is a one stop shop. They make diaper changing that much easier. No more pending over, squishing a soiled diaper into a can. Simply press on the foot pedal, literally DROP the diaper through the trap door (fancy right?) and boom. You are done.

We got the Plus in gray

What I love is that the Dekor diaper pail comes in three sizes: Plus, classic and mini. We went with the plus because we will have two kids under two- and that just means double the diapers!

The Plus is also the best selling- and is perfect for cloth diapers too! Yes, I am looking at you crunchy mama!

Look at that one hand action!

Their refills are one continuous liner so you can empty as little as you want and they hold more than the competition.

And also unlike the competition, the Dekor diaper pail is made of ABS closed-cell plastic that won't absorb those nasty odors over time and its safe to clean! Other pails that are metal can only be cleaned with a dry cloth and will rust over time- no thank you!

Just drop that diaper on that trap door and poof! It disappears, until you need to change the bag..

So obviously you can see why we went with the Dekor diaper pail. Is it weird that I can't wait to change Brooks diapers now?

The pail has a lock to keep out those tiny, curious hands

Now onto the Love to Dream swaddle.

I probably watched hours of youtube videos of how to perfectly swaddle your infant. But when it is 3 am and you are sleep deprived, the last thing you want to do with a screaming child.

We were gifted so many cute blankets (why is that everyones go to baby gift?) and I wanted to use them all.

But now that I am an experienced parent (much sarcasm), I am choosing a different sleeper.

We were gifted the Love to Dream swaddle. My mom friends have raved to me about how this is a baby must have. You can swaddle your baby quickly and correctly every single time and have safer sleep.

If you have seen a little babe sleep, you can notice that they naturally want to sleep with their arms near their face for self soothing- but with traditional swaddling, it forces their arms down or across their chest. Love to Dream fixed this problem and made one of a sleep product for every chapter of a young child's life.

I received the newborn size which fits babies size 5-8.5 pounds. They also have other sizes such as small and medium to grow along with your child.

So whats so great about this swaddle?

- the only zip up swaddle that allows baby to sleep in a natural position with arms up

- Snug fit makes your baby feel secure & helps to calm their natural startle reflux

- Helps parents swaddle their baby quickly and safely every time and eliminates excess loose fabric in the crib

- Wings prevent face-scratching and may reduce the risk of your baby accidentally rolling onto their belly

- Genius two-way zipper for easy diaper changes (and all the parents said amen)

- Hip-healthy design allows hips and legs to flex naturally

So here is to easier diaper changes and long hours of sleep!

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