• Madeline DeLage

Britax: one4life carseat

When it comes to carseats for your little, quality and safety are two factors that you should invest in.

New parents have a lot of large requested items on their registry like cribs, bassinets and carseats. And they usually have a hefty price tag to them. What most don't realize is how quickly their child is going to grow out of said items.

This where I now introduce the Britax One4life carseat. Britax recently released their brand new convertible carseat that SAFELY grows with your child from 4 pounds up to 120 pounds. It grows with them through every stage- from the moment you bring them home from the Hospital rear-facing to when they need a booster seat.

It truly is the only carseat that your child will EVER need.

Is your wallet smiling right now? Because mine is.

There are multiple stages for the carseat. The first stage of the One4life is rear-facing that can be used 4-50 pounds. The carseat comes with extra padding that can be removed to keep your little one nice and snuggly (and safe!).

The next stage is for forward facing children (22-65 pounds). When you are using the carseat at this stage, the recline can be easily adjusted with a click of a button to keep your child safe.

And lastly, the carseat can be used as a booster seat for 40-120 pounds.

I love how versatile this carseat is and how easy it is to adjust to your child's size and needs.

Compared to other carseat brands we have used in the past, Britax is our families favorite. The safety features alone caught my eye. It has SafeCell technology, energy-absorbing, rip-stitch V-shaped tether, high strength steel reinforced frame, and energy-absorbing EPP foam.

Another thing I love about a carseat is easy installation. Britax's Clicktight installation makes installing this carseat a breeze. No more swearing under your breath (or out loud) trying to deal with anchors and tightening the seatbelt.

Britax came to our home to show me all the amazing features of this carseat, along with how to safely install it.

They let me do it on my own and it was a breeze even when I am 8 months pregnant.

Blair loves her new carseat! One of her favorite things is that she has two cupholders (which are dishwasher safe. You are welcome parents!).

Thank you so much Britax for this carseat. I have such peace of mind to know my daughter will be safe every time we get in the car.

Parents and new parents to be- trust me when I say this is the only carseat you will need. And one of the best investments you will ever make. Add it to your registry!

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