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Blair's birth story.

This post is a year and some change late. Countless women have asked me about my experience giving birth. I have been meaning to write about it so that I didn't forget any details- but as life goes, I defiantly forgotten many details but will do my best to recall as much as I can.

So, here we go. This is Blair Addison's birth story.

Blair was due on April 14th, 2018. I remember those last couple weeks of pregnancy, I was willing to do anything to induce labor. I walked a few miles everyday, drank castor oil, drink raspberry tea, bounced on a yoga ball- if it said it would induce labor, I would do it.

But of course, nothing worked. On April 7th, I was at home alone. I truly thought, its almost my due date, I should have a baby today. So I ran to the store, got jalapeno poppers and chowed down. As I was finishing up, my stomach started hurting real bad. It was so painful. Like a pain that could have been gas related but me being me, thought it was contractions.

Brandon was at an event at Church, so I gave him a quick call telling him that I think I was having contractions. He rushed home and started timing my "contractions". Us being first time parents, called the Doctor and told them what was up. Brandon's timing was off- so it made it seem like the contractions were legit. The Doctor told us to head to the hospital right away.

We were admitted right away. They started monitoring my "contractions" and checked if I was dilated.

I had zero contractions. And I was zero percentage dilated.

They sent us home. It was about five am at this point. And I was extremely embarrassed. How could I think I was in labor.

For the next week I took things slow, knowing that now Blair really could come at any point.

On the 14th I had a Doctor's appointment. In my mind, I was going to be 7 centimeters dilated and admitted to the hospital right then and there. But as my luck had it, I was zero percent dilated again.

My Doctor said I was going to be induced that Thursday night or the following Monday.

I called Brandon crying and told him what was up. He tried to comfort me, but I was do defeated. Once I had calmed down, we planned to go to the hospital on Thursday night.

Immediately I called my mom and she planned to fly out to Colorado the next day.

Thursday came so quickly. The entire day, my mom and I spent the day shopping. I felt really strong cramps but didn't think much of it. It wasn't until late in the afternoon that I would need to stop and breathe. Little did I know that I was starting early labor!

We got back to our apartment, loaded my bags into the car and off to the hospital we went! Once we were admitted to our room, the nerves kicked in. It finally hit me that I was going to be a mom!

A nurse came in to start inducing me. Again I thought I was going to be somewhat dilated, but once she checked, I was still at a zero. Then she proceeded to say, "Yeah another woman was admitted the other night just like you. She's still not even close to giving birth."

Yep. I started bawling.

Brandon proceeded to pray over me.

THEN the medicine kicked in and the contractions started. Y'all, I have never been in so much pain. Yeah child birth is beautiful but no one really prepares you for contractions.

Brandon and I both didn't realize that these were real contractions. So we thought we were just in for a long night.

My nurse came in again to check my cervix. She pulled out her phone and I heard her said "epidural in room 301 please". I swear angels started singing after I heard that.

I got the epidural and I have never felt better in my entire life. The nurses told Brandon and I to go to bed and that Blair wouldn't be here until the morning.

Less than an hour later, I started feeling a lot of pressure down south. I ignored it at first but then the pressure started to get stronger.

I buzzed my nurse and told her what was up. She came into the room, went to check to see if I was dilated and her eyes just widened. She told me, "Whatever you do, don't push. I can see your daughters head."

The nurse woke up Brandon and told him I was 10 centimeters and it was baby time. He woke up in a daze and had no idea what was going on. Poor guy!

So much for Blair coming in the morning!

The Doctor made it in record time and it was time for me to start pushing. I was surprisingly calm through the entire process.

After only 3-4 pushes, Blair was out! At 3:03 am , our 7lb 7oz girly made it into the world.

What started as an anxious night, turned into such an easy labor. Forever grateful for my girl!

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