• Madeline DeLage

blair is one.

On a snowy Saturday morning in April, we celebrated one year of Blair Addison. Cue all the tears for this mama!

Balloon arch is a DIY Kit from amazon

My dream for her first birthday party began one month after she was born. Her wild and blooming personality reminded me of a Wildflower. So naturally, the theme of the party was "April showers bring Wildflowers".

We had just moved back to Illinois from Colorado a few weeks prior to the party. So lucky us had all of our friends and family there to help us celebrate the beautiful life that the Lord had blessed us with.

Cake topper was found on Amazon

One "must have" for the party was to have matching floral crowns for Blair and I (classic millennial, am I right?). I scored these adorable crowns from Ava's Flower Crown on Etsy!

To all who came and helped celebrate our baby girl, thank you! It takes a village

Happy birthday Blair Bear. We love you.

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