• Madeline DeLage

Beanko Baby.

Imagine this.

You are on a road trip with your hubby and newborn baby. When all of a sudden, in the middle of nowhere, your baby has a mega diaper explosion.

Where do you change them?! What do you do?!

My friends, I Introduce to you the Beanko Baby diaper changing station.

Its a portable diaper storage changing pad that fits easily on the seat of your car.

It has a unique folding wedge that fills in the seat gap- so no more babies rolling into the inclined seat! Anyone else ever dealt with a kid that is sideways while you're trying to change them? Absolutely miserable.

What I love about this changing pad is that not only does it grow with your child (we got this when Blair was 5 months old, now she is 15 months and still fits) but it also is multifunctional.

The pad can zip off, offering a place to do tummy time or move around the car for even easier diaper changes.

We get the most use out of the organizer. It holds Blair's diaper, wipes, toys and her ipad. So car rides are always a breeze for us.

It fits securely around the head of the car seat and fits right behind her carseat.

Say goodbye to yucky public restrooms and say hello to easier diaper changes!

Get your Beanko Baby here or enter my giveaway on Instagram for a chance to win a free one! You know you love free!

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