• Madeline DeLage

Baby Bum Co.

Whether you're a new parent or a parent of five, we have media and people around us telling us all the thousands of products that we need for our children.

I remember when I was making our baby registry for our daughter, it was overwhelming with how long the list of products that each website was telling me I "needed".

My husband and I would walk through stores filled with baby products from the floor and ceiling and look at each other with fear in our eyes.

After talking to a few mom veterans, they gave me a small list of the things we would actually need. On it was diapers, wipes, carseats, bottles, clothes and the Baby Bum Co brush.

When I looked up with Baby Bum Co brush, I audibly laughed. I thought my friends were playing a joke on me. The thought of a brush to use to put diaper cream on my babies butt felt like a waste of money to me.

So I ignored their recommendation and moved on.

After a few weeks of getting the diaper cream all over my hands and under my nails, I caved and purchased the brush.

And let me tell you, it was life changing! Not only were my hands clean after applying the diaper cream, but it went on smoother and I felt like it wasted less products.

Then Baby Bum Co gifted me their diaper clutch. I had received another one by a well known brand at baby shower- but it doesn't even compare to Baby Bum Co.

Their clutch can hold an entire package of wipes, multiple diapers, the brush, diaper cream, as well as multiple other things!

Both of these products are now my go to gifts at baby showers.

Have you used the Baby Bum Co brush or clutch? Let me know in the comments below!

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